Mechanical Processing

Naturally our full service is also available to you here. If you wish we can plan, design, manufacture and assemble your commissioned parts individually according to your specifications.

Our CNC machining centres mill, turn and EDM your customer-specific designed parts with the greatest precision and from all materials.

From drawings, which only exist on paper, our Design Department can use SolidWorks to create a model from which they can derive a CNC program.

You do not have an up-to-date production drawing? No problem!

Our integrated 3D CADCAM system converts your data (preferably in IGES, STEP or DXF format) into production data and transfers them to the CNC machining centres. During this process, any desired changes or dimensional deviations can be immediately corrected in the 3D CADCAM system.

Our CNC machining centres offer the following manufacturing dimensions:


CNC milling specs.

CNC turning specs.
Centre height= 330mm
Distance between centres= 2000mm
Swing diameter over carriage= 400mm
Spindle bores up to 105mm

CNC EDM specs.
X= 850mm
Y= 550mm
Z= 350mm
Distance between table and head= 750mm
Max. workpiece weight= 1500kg

Your direct contact:

Mr Swen Wiederrecht
Mr Benjamin Vinzens

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Fax: +49 (0)5681 9369-25