Special purpose machinery manufacture

Our full-service engineering will take care of you from task scheduling through to the finally fitted and documented special machine. In close collaboration with you this is how your new special machine is created step by step.

Our team of expert specialists consisting of engineers, technicians and fitters allied with the flexibility of a medium-sized company are decisive in this regard in achieving the shortest lead times and a fair price.

This is also guaranteed by our flexible engineering and our modern and precise manufacturing processes. Our 3D development tools quickly generate 3D models of your new special machine, which serve as a basis for approval and at the same time also provide a detailed visual representation.

Our full-service engineering, the combination of in-house design, manufacture, assembly, control cabinet engineering and control engineering is, thanks to our short communications paths, is also at any time capable of rapidly recognising problems, presenting solutions and immediately rectifying those problems.

Automation of special machines is not limited S7 control systems by Siemens, but rather it can also be implemented using the control technology of Allen Bradley (RSLogix5000).

Naturally you can also avail of individual areas of our full service on their own if you only require the design and assembly or the automation of a special machine.

We consider ourselves to be a service provider and, as such, customer satisfaction is our most important goal.

We require certification by you in order to be accepted as a supplier? No problem – we will be glad to be certified by you.

Your direct contact:

Mr Stefan Kuttelwascher

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email: stefan.kuttelwascher@pmw-wiederrecht.de